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XPO Logistics Stock Is Set Up Well to Deliver in 2021

The company is projecting solid growth in 2021, its final year before it splits in two.

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Got $1,000? Here Are 3 Stocks to Consider Buying Right Now

Portfolio-changing investments can come from small beginnings.

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Today's Mortgage Refinance Rates -- Feb. 15, 2021: Rates Mostly Steady

Refinance rates are mostly the same today as they were late last week. Is it time for you to get a new mortgage?

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Why Tilray Stock Dropped on Friday

One analyst says the marijuana company's investors could suffer devastating losses.

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Mortgage Refinance Demand Climbs 20%: Should You Get a New Home Loan?

Homeowners are clamoring to refinance. Should you do the same?


How Has COVID-19 Affected Car Ownership?

The pandemic has changed a lot of consumer behaviors. Here's one expert's view on how auto buying is evolving.


Forget Sundial Growers: These 3 Cannabis Stocks are Much Better Buys

Don't get too close to the sun, or you could get burned. But there are other great cannabis stocks you can still buy.


If You Like Dividends, You Should Love These 3 Stocks

These three stocks pay high dividend yields, but they also offer stable businesses for investors.


Is 2U Stock a Buy?

The online education company still faces too many near-term challenges.

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Current Mortgage Rates -- Feb. 15, 2021: Interest Rates on Fixed-Rate Loans Tick Up

Mortgage rates went up for fixed-rate loan options on Feb. 15. Here's what you should know if you're thinking about borrowing.

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Why Russia Is Terrified of SpaceX -- and Starlink

If you try to use Starlink in Russia, expect to pay a big fine.


Should Investors Own Square or PayPal?

The answer may surprise you.

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5 Things to Say to Overturn a Denial on a Credit Card Application

Knowing what to say could be your ticket to a credit card approval.

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Fastly Earnings: Why Investors Should Watch Customer Growth and Retention

The market will be watching closely when this tech company reports earnings on Feb. 17.

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3 Things Trivago Investors Need to Watch This Year

The travel industry is poised for a comeback in 2021 -- here's how this hotel-booking platform can take advantage.

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Better Buy: Beyond Meat vs. Shake Shack

Last year was challenging for both the faux meat maker and the "better burger" chain. But which one is a better investment today?


Chipotle Just Had a Fantastic Quarter, but Investors May Want to Stay Away From the Stock

A look back to five years ago provides investors important insights.


7 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Social Security and Divorce

Your marriage may be long over, but that doesn't mean you can't claim your ex's Social Security.


PayPal Just Had a Monster Quarter, but That's Not What Investors Are Excited About

2021 could be PayPal's best year yet.


Spotify May Have Already Won Podcasting

It's a dominant force on both sides of the market -- creative and listenership.